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Comment 11 by Ignorant Amos :

Compartmentalisation plays a massive part in the debate on the intelligence of the believer. Some highly intelligent people who hold some very wayward ideas about the world and the religious beliefs they hold.

It's so true. You can rationalize nearly any idea that you have, and I think all of us do on one or more of our actions or beliefs. We're humans and our brains don't function entirely rationally.

However, I wish that we had learned in school about all the faults in our thinking. Learning to think critically helps a great deal. Even atheists can be irrational and can hold fundamental beliefs. The true enemy is irrational thinking, and I think the root cause is a lack of education. Whatever happened to "rhetoric" class? I've never had one, but I always assumed that this was the class that taught kids how to think properly.

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