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@RobertJames Excellent point!

I'd also like to add that even the 2000+ year-old Jews that Pell talks about must have been quite intelligent, specifically because a lot of them were sheppards or farmers. I'd think being a sheppard required a lot of training and skill, especially back in the day. I mean, there weren't any anti-biotics or a government issued "food guide" for the animals. It must have taken a lot of attention and organization to be a sheppard. Also, before the advent of numerical systems, wasn't it sheppards who came up with the idea of measuring their herd with a stock of rocks and to determine if there had been a change in number based on the number of rocks in excess of the number of animals? By no means are sheppards limited to being "clever" (as Pell suggests in the debate), they were freaking smart! Poor maybe, but that was most certainly due to the political and economic dynamics of the time, which were outside the control of most Jews regardless of intellectual prowess.

As for current day Jews worldwide, really like how you put it:

           How many more ground breaking scientific theories must they produce, how many more symphonies, novels and songs must they write before we stop hearing this kind of thing?

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