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On the language point:

I was slightly concerned that Jehovah's Witnesses now have embraced online (previously a Satan no-go area for insiders) - in 21 languages of Bible Stories, as well as the 194 languages (likely minus the 21 being internet absent) of their 42,000,000 monthly door knocking magazines - all since it started in 1871 and in spite of repeated false claims about the end of the world, not to mention the Bible per se.

The lack of accessible material (supporting theism free humanism and freethinking) needs addressing, in terms of child friendly status and languages.

Am I correct in thinking their "intelligence" has been harvested in particular directions which then offers pay offs to political affiliations (how to breach language barriers) whilst preserving their finely honed mythology?

I recall teams who have obviously become adept at language translation, par excellence - in evolving an already resilient memeplex to become even moreso due this alone.

Interesting how the bigger players have on board mutant sects such as techno brother et al.

Maybe an area needing our attention minus publisher restrictions?

The myth mongers are ahead in the game - still! Bonus mongering to boot!

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