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I don't see the letdown effect, either. Being a pastor is a little like being a local rock star. They already have status, income, insurance, community, security. It would take an awful lot of turn around to give that up. I really believe the motivation in almost every case would have to come from not being able to live with what you know is not true.

Before the Clergy Project, there were many people who left the clergy at great cost to themselves. Many of them had to give up everything. The Clergy Project just means that it doesn't have to be utter hell. It provides a support network and is aiming itself at opportunities to build a new life. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy. It's easier not to change and to justify staying where you are, no matter what that entails.

I can't see the attraction of going atheist. Except that you can't help it because living a lie becomes an emotionally insupportable position.

Maybe one or two will go back. I'll wait to see the evidence. It's a strange prediction. What's it based on? Any data, at all? I've heard stories like Rich's many times. But no pastors that have gone back.

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Well, of course. :-)

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