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Dan Barker still has that "tone." I think I heard him say he is still a preacher, but I don't think he is going to reconvert.

Seth from Thinking Atheist would be a very attractive catch for the religious, but can you picture him sitting around with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club yucking it up? "I was in the Devil's grasp!" said Seth. "See folks, you've got to send me more money so I can fight the Devil!" said Robertson. I don't think so. But what a warm welcome he would get.

Speaking of warm welcomes, when I was a single parent I went to church hoping to make some friends. Well I didn't. Nobody wanted me around their husbands, I suspect. I had to get use to being somewhat lonely anyway.

Having a regular group of atheists to meet with would have high emotional value to me. I enjoy being where I can say out loud, "I'm an atheist!" I think LAF understands that.

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