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Comment 8 by Stafford Gordon :

This is detached from what's actually said in the podcast. The section about finding a job after coming out makes it seem strange that you think this is just a fad. People rarely risk their livelihoods for intellectual fads, and not when there's such a stigma against this "fad" in their community, and not when it's taken them so long and so much exploration to come to that position from an initial pro-religious one.

Also, of course the preacher-like mannerisms will remain. If a former preacher wants to speak like a preacher, then so long as what they say is honest and heartfelt, I see no real objection other than on grounds of personal taste, and that's not what we're about here. It certainly isn't proof of a future reconversion.

Comment 13 by RichLyons

Thank you for the Podcast. Being a UK resident, I don't really appreciate what it's like in the US, and these resources really hammer the point home for me.

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 19:45:33 UTC | #935300