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Keep in mind that this video is pretty old: July 8, 2010.

I too love Jon. This clip doesn't change that. So much do I admire him that I have to reconsider my feelings about the perspectives he presents in this clip. But it's more than a feeling (que Boston). Where he falls down it is clearly because he is under-informed on the subject.

I'm a little uncomfortable with our embrace vs. understanding of dark matter and dark energy (I'm pretty sure that's what he meant by anti-matter) but I know the concepts are based on observable phenomena... not faith.

If you want to see something cognitively and emotionally painful watch this TED talk by a brain researcher talk about her stroke experience. She clearly has a good grasp of brain function. And yet, as she goes on she manages to slip from scientist to new-age spiritualist. Prepare to become uncomfortable: Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight (18 min, 42 sec)

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