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In defense of the article's title. I'd just like to point out that Jon Stewart who has no background in science that I'm aware of, proceeded to discredit theoretical physics by comparing assertions made by physicists to those made by woo merchants. In effect, he was essentially saying that much of what astrophysicists are learning about the universe is as silly as the claim "Gawd did it".

As has been pointed out time and time again, science, unlike religion is constantly changing based on new data. Religion stays the same in that men with beards, robes, funny hats or a mixture of the three tell you how to live your life and explain away everything with "Gawd did it", "Gawd works in mysterious ways", "It's all a part of Gawd's plan" etc.

I like Jon Stewart and enjoy his show as well as the Colbert Report. However, I have no problems with what the article is saying and I think the criticism was warranted. Especially considering that we're bombarded with pseudoscience which is passed on as real science on a daily basis in the media.

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