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I love Jon Stewart, too. I remember seeing that episode years ago, which is lucky, as I can't get Comedy Network clips here in Canada when they're posted.

I was very frustrated with how weak his interview was. Faith? Where does that come from?

I agree though that he's probably not up on science. He's a comic and most of his focus is on American politics.

Quine's approach is the best one. Write to him. Everyone should, even though the episode is a couple of years old.

Everyone should know how science works. Everyone should be made aware of the process. Bad science is not science. Faith has nothing to do with how science is done.

Jon Stewart should be given the chance to understand how he missed the point entirely in that interview. It's a classic example of how the message mostly doesn't make it through, even to people who care about evidence and what is true in a given situation.

The importance of how science is done is not well communicated through the white noise.

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