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Comment 4 by alaskansee

Sin is there to tempt you, it is something you must resist to become a good christian. You can't be a good christian unless you have battled with temptation and won, those that do not win are further temptation for the good christians who then have to work harder and are therefore better christians. Your christian shine of superiority is brightest when you are surrounded by the inferior non-christians.

That is what the far right and xtian cults are about!

Ignorant sheeples with airs of superiority! You can see the same with anti-evolution trolls.
The deeper the ignorant denial and repression, the greater the smug air of superiority.

Comment 7 by SheerReason

I'm not sure why that is exactly that the UK has much higher rates of pregnancies, abortions etc. than the other European countries discussed in the article. Perhaps someone here could shed some light on the subject?

I switched on (UK) Channel 4 TV last night, where on the 5 minute 4thought TV spot, a Catholic muppet was decrying sex education for children, and preaching abstinence, along with a load of disinformation about STI s. He claimed he had been allowed to tour around UK Catholic "faith" schools preaching this crap to the children!

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