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India has one of the highest HIV rates in the world, but the prudery is quite strange.

A young man from India used to come to me for massages. One day he came over very upset. He had been diagnosed with HIV+. He was sure I was the source. I tried to explain that is not how you get HIV. I probed him trying to find out what other contacts he had. I thought perhaps he had got it from his wife, but she was still HIV-.

Eventually he confessed to sexual activity with males back in India, but he did not think that counted since there was no emotional attraction.

I speculated about his theory of disease

The other problem with prudery is people bust out, and have dangerous sex without precaution with multiple partners they do not know then go back to abstinence. They are much safer to have protected sex every day. Prudes are also much less likely to get tested. Untested they can keep spreading the virus.

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