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The really shocking part is that articles like this should be considered at all newsworthy in this day and age. Not because this is a bad article (it isn't) but because none of this is at all new or controversial. We've known that sexual prudery leads to massively increased sexual dysfunction problems for many decades. The evidence has been pretty clear on this for the last fifty years.

And yet, somehow the undeniable EVIDENCE that social prudery is bad for society hasn't curbed it to any significant degree. I guess social prudery has a dynamic epidemiology all of its own, unrelated to recognition of crystal clear scientific fact.

The question is, why don't US liberals (and, indeed, UK liberals) bang on about these figures a lot more? I can't remember the last time anyone in either country stood up and made the very argument this article makes in a public speech on healthcare and culture. Yet it is a massively compelling argument, and rhetorically very persuasive. Nothing less than "we have a big problem other people don't, here's how we solve it, and there aren't ANY down sides". Yet when we do get any kind of defence for sexual freedom and the importance of social liberalism in politics it's always couched in wishy-washy abstract terms of fundamental freedoms of expression and tolerance for others, which are fine, but don't cut to the quick of the issue. Freedom from sexual hang-ups is not just about social freedom, it's about making people healthier, happier and better adjusted. And the statistics prove it.

One might argue that "those funny foreigners do it better than we do" is not a very encouraging message in societies as xenophobic as the US and the UK. But surely that can be spun out into a galvanising message even more effectively, along the lines of "are you going to let those funny foreigners do it better than we do, or are we going to show them that we're not the laughing stock they currently think we are?"

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