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you cannot pin teen pregnancy and STDs on religion.

You can when the religionist deliberately make the awareness of such things reduced to the whispered giggles and ignorance of the bike sheds at playtime...which is what is happening whether you like that or not! That is the only place kids can get any idea, however wrong and misguided, about sexual relations. Condom use is not highlighted and female contraception revolves around the rhythm or pill method. That is the only information some kids have when they embark on sexual encounters.

Educators in state schools do not "tow the religious line",

Never said they did..OI said they were hamstrung by possible litigation or disciplinary measures. I thought a teacher could accomplish comprehension a little better.

I was a teacher for many years and I can tell you the problem is more about getting the message of safe sex across.

And why is that not happening?

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