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Comment 19 by rationalmind :

Incidentally, Jehovah's Witlesses (sic) are , in my experience, creationists too.

I once had the misfortune of opening my door to go out and running slap bang into a pair of them. I criticised their beliefs to them and discovered thet were also creationists, "Evolution is only a theory." I called them illiterate because of that, that didn't seem to phase them. Apparently this cult discourages education! It is OK to be ignorant of basic biology.

Do NOT go in THEIR WATER! Water is the NO RETURN to sanity swim! Baptism is an whole other ball game!

I once suspected a mature father, of already numerous children and probably with his own rational take on life, as having ulterior motives for pretending to be a convert after having his door knocked on, showing all the signs of a goody goody, getting to rent a room in one of their houses, then securing the loyalties of their teenage virgin before the parents had realised what was afoot. Marriage was an obvious result, but it struck me as an unusual smash and grab event for sure.

I think this a classic case of being spit roasted for exploitation. Parents get exploited by religion. Religion gets exploited by outsider. Parents in the middle and the children kinda in the twilight zone and hoping god or they get a perspective on all this.

Anyhow, their putrid doctrine is to not speak to you. It gets announced your are a "HOT ASHES" thinker and everyone cuts you out. Only the higher ups engage you - in Biblical passages.

Personal reason is OFF the agenda!

One example: You express reservations that their headquarters have guys there that the Bible quotes as gods "faithful and discreet slave". A kinda Pope boardroom group!

Once you do this the shit will drop on your head. Life is weird when not a single human will have a rational conversation with you both before you gather all your doubts and especialy after you mention them.

Critical. Apostacy is reprehensible to them. You have to say, " I think these guys are gods connection to humans on Earth."

So I'd say it's not good to be truthful and honest when you're in religion - that may and likely will get you shafted. It's better to play them back at their own game - do the done thing but be deliberately hypocritical and keep your own head screwed on that their belief is simply a top down army tactic. Appear to follow the rules and do your thing. You'd be amazed how many times I saw that!

Better still get a rational crowd to hang out with - if one exists near you - which I failed on! :(

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