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Comment 21 by strangebrew :

I see a string of rebuttals but no evidence for your claims which are based on your own perceptions probably gained from the media. Without meaning to be personal your assertions are bollox.

That is the only place kids can get any idea, however wrong and misguided, about sexual relations. Condom use is not highlighted and female contraception revolves around the rhythm or pill method. That is the only information some kids have when they embark on sexual encounters.

That is simply false. Students are told every relevant fact about reproduction several times through out their time in school. They get shown condoms and it is even explained how to use them. As I said they are told of places where they can collect them for free.

Never said they did..OI said they were hamstrung by possible litigation or disciplinary measures. I thought a teacher could accomplish comprehension a little better.

Ok I misquoted on you that because on rereading you said that about the media and implied that teachers held back for fear of reprisals. Again unfortunately, I don't know where you get your facts from. As I stated sex education and health advise is given which basically means this comment is either false or that educators or brave enough to stand up to legal threats. I suspect though you made this statement because you are confusing the US with the UK. I never heard this mentioned once in ten years in the staff room or from any of my colleagues. Can you please cite any legal case where a school or LEA has been successfully challenged in court over the teaching of PSE? You are inventing a rationale for something that doesn't exist.

I was a teacher for many years and I can tell you the problem is more about getting the message of safe sex across.

And why is that not happening?

Well the answer to that has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with parents not supporting what schools try and teach. This applies to a lot more than sex education. Parents ultimately have far greater influence over their kids than teahcers. You might make a case that the parents are pushing their religious views on their kids but I would find that very unconvincing because most families in the UK are not overtly religious especially in state schools.

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