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Incidently, for any other readers who buy into the idea that educators in the UK live in fear of reprisals from religious groups and do not practice sex education. You can always check out the Department of Educations website. You can verify for your self that it is a legal requirement to teach and definitely includes a requirement to teach about contraception. This applies to faith schools also.

The link is

Here is a quote from that site.

"This Government remains committed to reducing rates of teenage pregnancy still further and improving outcomes for young parents and their children. This is central to our aim to reduce inter-generational poverty and inequalities. That's why the under-18 conception rate is a national measure of child poverty and one of the three sexual health indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework.

The good news is we know what works. The evidence shows that comprehensive education about relationships and sex (SRE), combined with easy access to effective contraception are the two essential ingredients for reducing teenage pregnancy. Every young person needs decent SRE and contraception advice, and we know the vast majority are already receiving it through dedicated professionals like you. We know that your support does help teenage parents' access really good contraceptive advice to help prevent repeat pregnancies."

If you see the reality here you will see that what Strangebrew wrote was false. These are real problems. But the problem does not lie with education. As an atheist I value facts and evidence and will always challenge claims that I know to be wrong and are insulting to thousands of dedicated professionals.

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