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Comment 25 by mr_DNA :

Well the answer to that has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with parents not supporting what schools try and teach. This applies to a lot more than sex education. Parents ultimately have far greater influence over their kids than teahcers. You might make a case that the parents are pushing their religious views on their kids but I would find that very unconvincing because most families in the UK are not overtly religious especially in state schools.

Think about this. Once society has a rational generation they will more form a critical mass that may be better placed to offer exactly that; a rational approach to sex education, relationships per se and relative choices.

What we are often finding ourselves doing is blaming the problem back on those who inherited problems they simply pass on in some skewed version or other.

Like Richard says, if we get a generation of children growing up with a rational secular education, the cycles will start to break. However, as we see all too often, religion is resorted to as an irrational dominance deserving of rational authority. This tells you something important! Even the leadership (everyone at the very top of society) haven't worked out how to break this cycle without somehow doing themselves a mischief! Therefore they pass on the same poor parenting of religion/reasoning as we are aiming at the long history of parents who suffer its vices, that they pass on. It's a chaos ever waiting to be a chaos.

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