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I'm sure you have a reason for all the bollocks you are coming away with, I wish you would make it obvious, that's all. You are not a member of the great disenfranchised are you?

Good grief no - I just watched the video and was appalled to see a. the way Faircloth was speaking about Richard as if he was the messiah (what a turn-off!) and b. to hear Richard quoting Johan Hari. Of all people!!!! That took the biscuit.

I am a long-time admirer of RD - bought his first book in the seventies mark you! Watched his Royal Society lectures on the telly all week one christmas long ago, used his Biomorphs as an undergrad, had the watchmaker as a set text at Sussex Uni where I also knew his colleagues Mike Land and John Maynard Smith (ML was one of my PhD viva examiners). Then the TV show Root of All Evil, more great books (best is the Ancestor's Tale), TGD, where all this hoo-ha started, Youtube, the arrival of Hitch & Harris, the explosion of interest in rationality - Pinker, Krauss, Stenger, Penn Jilette, Pat Condell (Wow didn't he ever lose it!!)... then the creeping schism between accomodationism and straight-edge atheism (Monty Python eat your heart out) and the final realisation that unless you toe the party line in here you'll be treated much like a Quaker at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Why did I post here today (from under teh bridge, from out of my rectum, after four years...)? Because my account is still open (unless restricted, as threatened above) and because I vaingloriously hope RD reads the comments on his site and will wake up and smell the coffee.

This hero worship is unbecoming to a genuine hero of mine.

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