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Your search through the archives does nought but verify my impeccable atheist credentials!

Comment 142 - I think that's a brilliant idea - I'm quite impressed! Unfortunately if it were put into practise in 2012 I could see certain RDnet followers lining up to get the priestly tax breaks, virgins and other privileges....

Comment 102 - I am, have been for over a quarter of a century - an admirer of Richard's science and powers of communication. I am not an admirer of His Divine Nature like you. You are a sycophant, I ain't, never was. I quote "Reminds us that this site isn't all atheism vs woolly headedness. There's so much fascinating stuff to know". Back then it was a great site to be on.

Comment 3 - what? that looks like me having a sarcasticly strident rant at someone calling Pat Condell strident. Of course Pat Condell has really lost the plot since then....

No I didn't think all those people left because of me. Gosh... do you really think they did?

Got any more of my old stuff?

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