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What I'm against is outlawing speech that isn't directly tied to violence because it has a point of view that will offend someone.

Agreed. And we are not far apart.

Doesn't the publishing of private info constitute incitement to something?

I wouldn't ban outright any literature but I would ask a demonstration of allegiance from those who would make a new home in my country:

To a Muslim I would say take this Koran (They're free online nowadays) And take this felt pen marker, now with your own hand, strike out those passages advocating violence and dishonesty toward unbelievers. Make it truly a religion of peace.

If you would keep the Koran whole then keep the whole of Islam out of my country.

To a Christian I would ask virtually the same. Especially that precious bit in the OT, "You shall not suffer a witch to live."

I think they had a chance to take a similar stand in India in 1985 but were intimidated to do so.

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