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"Religion is part of a complex of supernatural beliefs that are founded on lack of evidence. Astrology, homeopathy... all sorts of things like that, and it could be said that some of these are harmless. I don't think it's harmless."

"There is something insidious about training children to believe things for which there's no evidence, and so, an uncritical, so open-minded your brains fall out kind of attitude is a great pity because it means you miss such a lot. And merely to say that religion is harmless isn't good enough."

Why does such a simple, reasonable and important message have to struggle so hard to be heard?

Progress is being made. But the white noise it has to rise above is formidable.

What strange creatures we are.

I am so glad that Richard Dawkins is willing to be as "strident" as he is. Stand up and call others to stand up. It's vital when we face the future that we give no respect to ideas that cannot support themselves.

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