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On a Belief in God (BIG) scale running from 0 to 1, the pope will be at 1. An atheist will be want to be at 0 but, it's argued by many, can at best be at +0 (where +0 is infinitesimally greater than 0).

There is already the "Dawkins Scale" of belief from 1 to 7.

“I count myself in category 6, but leaning towards 7 - I am agnostic only to the extent that I am agnostic about fairies at the bottom of the garden.”
And how did he describe himself to the archbishop on Thursday, in his supposedly stunning retreat from atheism? “I’d put myself at 6.9.” -

This is some what off topic, I know, but the idea's been whirling around in my head since reading The God Delusion (thanks Prof. Dawkins), which was some time ago, and I keep putting off writting it up for the purposes of discussion/feedback. I'm sure you good people can tell me where to put it :-), if this is not an appropriate place.

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