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Comment 1 by Sean_W :

Hi Mike,

Does social convention trump dogma as a primary reason for church attendance?

I've never understood church attendance unless you're a real believer -in something. If it's not all that goes with Christianity then it's belief in belief.


BTW, as a pastor you obviously spoke with other pastors from other congregations, and probably a variety of other religious leaders as well: did you guys ever talk about the absurdity of having churches on every corner of the city? Is that something people in the industry acknowledge? I mean if it's a community of believers then surely the people attending church at 3522 Holy Ln could stand to worship with the believers attending service at 3523 Holy Ln -surely.

Yes, pastors are keenly aware of the prevalence of numerous local congregations in the vicinity, and the general feeling is not one of cooperation but competition. Often doctrinal and liturgical issues make cooperation difficult. Lip service is paid to worshiping the "same Lord," but that's often as far as it goes. High church folks often hold contemporary worship in disdain. Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mainline Protestants are all fundamentally suspicious of each other and see other local congregations as competing for the dwindling pool of potential new members. I know it's not a pretty picture but that's basically reality. It's certainly the way I used to feel. I wanted to beat the competition.

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