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Comment 1 by Zeuglodon

How did they disable the monkey's connections between muscle and brain? Isn't that dangerous?

At a guess I would imagine a nerve inhibitor..possibly a snake venom extract? I don't read that the nerves were actually cut physically, it mentions temporarily, so certainly some chemical inhibitant.

But this is awesome work...anyone with a high spinal cord injury should...or could...benefit. A high spinal cord injury usually means quadriplegia, no arm movement or legs. I think Christopher Reeve would have been absolutely delighted.

The potential seems to indicate you might have a combination therapy, short term help with a FES while the longer term stem cell repair in is progress.

Long way to go, but this is promising, now if only stem cell therapy gets actual spinal cord will be a whole new world of joy for so many!

Fri, 20 Apr 2012 16:41:14 UTC | #936067