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A lovely article, complete with references to a pair of my favorite old movies, Harvey and Night of the Lepus. I don't think Harvey really counts, as he was invisible to everyone but Elwood, and wasn't actually a rabbit, but a pooka who appeared as one (and an apt subject here, being supernatural and imaginary, at least outside the realm of drama). Elwood's painting of Harvey suggested a rather humanoid rabbit, complete with trousers and a bow tie.

I believe I'd give the giant rabbits in Night of the Lepus the benefit of the doubt as to form, too. The giant size was artificially induced in a single generation, and I'd think changes in conformation would take a number of generations to begin to appear. What I really found curious about the movie was the way the rabbits not only got so much bigger, but turned carnivorous in the process. It was a really horrible old horror movie, with Janet Leigh frequently looking as if she'd rather be back in the shower than dealing with this nonsense. The rabbits were marginally more believable than the house-sized insects and arthropods that had been turning up on the screen, though.

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