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Comment 1 by Sean_W :

Hi Mike,

Does social convention trump dogma as a primary reason for church attendance?

I've never understood church attendance unless you're a real believer -in something. If it's not all that goes with Christianity then it's belief in belief.


BTW, as a pastor you obviously spoke with other pastors from other congregations, and probably a variety of other religious leaders as well: did you guys ever talk about the absurdity of having churches on every corner of the city? Is that something people in the industry acknowledge? I mean if it's a community of believers then surely the people attending church at 3522 Holy Ln could stand to worship with the believers attending service at 3523 Holy Ln -surely.

Simon Amstell the wonderful, nervy, self-obsessed stand-up comedian notes "ONLY HALF OF YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU LIKE ME! The other half have just been dragged along...."

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