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Comment 4 by Rtambree :

There is no prominent anti-Freud crusader in any country, like there is with homoeopathy or religion or spoon-bending or other woo.

Oh, but there is one! His name is Professor Frederick Crews, he was nicknamed "Freud basher"! Look his books up, he is eloquent and well-researched on the subject!

I think there has been otherwise a good amount of people, too, who wrote skeptically of Freud, both specialists (beginning with Popper, in fact!) and non-specialists (like Nabokov). So I wouldn't agree that the skeptics have been turning a blind eye to Freud. What is surprising, however, is that Freud and his psychoanalysis seem to have withstood any amounts of rational criticism and are being followed quite irrationally. It's more like a faith, really, so what would you expect!

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