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Comment 66 by Just me :

And that leads me to my question for you folks. Have any of you out there with rational, scientific minded folks felt an unscientifically explainable spiritual occurrance - something that defies the 5 senses? Are any of you closet spiritual people?

I'll make the generous assumption that by "the 5 senses" you simply meant "all the physical senses". (The idea that there' only 5 is quite incorrect - there's sense of time passing, sense of body position ("kinesthetic" I think it's called), and "touch" is actually several separate senses lumped together - pressure, temperature, pain, and so on)

However, if that is what you meant - all the physical senses, not "the 5" senses - then it is by definition impossible to have an experience that defies the senses. Your brain experiences things through the nerve transmissions it receives - the senses.

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