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No, that's basic socialism liberalism: people can be free to do as much damage to themselves as they want as long as they don't harm others with it. You might not agree with that principle but it's a standard viewpoint, and one I share (though I wouldn't personnally try most illicit drugs unless their long term effects are minimal). This actually sort of applies with things like homosexuality if you argue on the catholics' own ground (not a mistake I make often but it happens): people can do as much damage to their own soul as long as they don't tarnish others' ones with it.

I understand your point, however EVERY TIME you use an illegal drug you are affecting others. Why? Because it is illegal in most countries. Unless you are creating and using the drug completely on your own, you are involving others and as you know, very few users do. Look at the harm drug cartels do to innocent victims in South America, all for profit. Thousands of innocent people killed every year. I was never a big Jesse Ventura fan , however he was right about one thing. "Drugs and religion are for weak minded people. What is so wrong with living in reality? No doubt many on here will take offence to this post, but I doubt that you can argue by stating that drugs only hurt the person using it. That nonsense hurts us all in the long run and in my humble opinion, "dumbs-down" the population of the planet.

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