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Comment 11 by holysmokes :

Casting blame is not the point. If you don't like the laws, then attempt to get them changed. Meanwhile drugs DO harm innocent people. Facts are facts.

Well perhaps I was misinterpreting your post, but I thought your point was precisely to blame the people who take drugs.

It's a fair point to follow the money. Likewise it's fair to look at the practices of a particular multinational and ask whether you should get your next phone or pair of trainers elsewhere - even to say that you're partly responsible for maintaining those questionable practices.

But this is a rather different situation. It is not a case of taking your business elsewhere, because the government has closed off all legal avenues of access. All the remaining avenues are illegal ones. States have created this situation. There is something ridiculous about suggesting that unless I fight the vast resources of my state and others, then having a spliff makes me responsible for the death of innocent people.

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