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The U.K. and the U.S. seem to have gotten over this to a great degree, but in some countries it is still an offense, punishable by imprisonment, to attempt suicide.

Let the nature of this ridiculous proposition sink in for a moment before realising its relevance: the act of making room not in a hospital but in a prison system, which could have been better used to keep dangerous and callous individuals at bay from the public, for people who are suffering from a neurological condition that is beyond their control and attempt an act which by its very definition has no victim other than possibly the criminal, costing more taxpayer's money than what could be effective or necessary, with the intention that this will help people fight suicidal behaviour and act as a deterrent against who else may think about commiting such an "evil" act of their own "free" will, while in the process of it all putting them on a stigmatising par with murderers and rapists to name a few.

Of course there are going to be violent thugs who will take advantage of users' need for drugs. As they toss out unregulated and dirty drugs left, right and centre, while all the time not bothering to check for I.D., they shall also run away with all the untaxed, monopolised profits. What scum wouldn't think that far ahead? It surprised me, although it really should not have, that drug cartels actually want to keep the war on drugs going so that they can run away with all the wealth and glory that comes with it. They as professionals can avoid the police for a lot longer than the careless light stoner who might flash the dope around too much.

The whole thing is a scandal. We are going to look back on it and ponder for ages "just what were we thinking, exactly?" The backwardness of it is sticking out like the sore thumb that it is.

I'm up for suggestions on how to raise awareness about this absurdity. Because as far as I can tell, public opinion will be the only way to sway politician's views on this. They surely must know that an economic boost due to drug liberalisation would be a great help right now. But as long as ignorance prevails, the politicians will be representative of that ignorance too.

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