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Wouldn't the utilitarian position to take is to change people's view on homosexuality? Instead of an individual changing ones sexuality (which is a difficult and damaging thing to do), why not have everyone else change their views (which is minimal, easy, and does not affect their lives much). So we have two sides, people who are gay but punished for it, and people who view homosexuality negatively and punish those who are gay. One group would be happy if they were accepted, the other group would be happy if the gays disappeared. Who should change? Should we support ex-gay movements or support acceptance of homosexuality?

Comment 23 by sheepcat :

The gay cure thing is interesting to me from a utilitarian standpoint. If choosing to live as gay would mean losing all your friends and family might a lot of gay men not seek a way out? It is a massive decision and I could understand if men from certain communities who find they are gay opt to deny their sexuality in order to keep the life they have rather than leave everyone they love.

A tough decision.

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 22:07:32 UTC | #936822