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← We asked "Do you really believe ___" and they said yes. Now what?

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Hey shrommer old bean, you mustn't be getting so puzzled.

Now on non-godly matters, an atheist is a blank page. Your graffitti doesn't count. That's why you've got the blank face.

So an atheist can pull any old morality out of his mind. And aren't there some odd ones out there?

They even get to be anti-genocide, anti-torture, anti-human sacrifice. All these sort of exciting things.

The cruciphile is not so blessed. He has to be pro-genocide, pro-torture, pro-human sacrifice. etc. In fact, he has to love it.

Now set yourself free. Come and join us etc.

You see, to pop everyone off you have to make the case for it. No case is not a case. You've got it now, haven't you? Yes.

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 14:13:47 UTC | #937001