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Maktub. Yes. Now why do omnipotent telepaths like books? I saw Sheldrake not long ago - always nice when a telepath makes the extra effort of appearing in person - and by thunder! He was not 'conventionally coherent'.

It was, by non-coincidence, the day of the grand national. Thus we had a sweep-stake. Humans do that sortofthing. Fargreaterthanchance Rupert had 'Synchronised'. It promptly horseled off in the wrong direction, and Rupert quoth this demonstrated animals have minds of their own. For which science has no explanation.

Verily, the race ensued, and egad! for his ceffyl was kill-ed. How can a horse with three legs live? The lovers of horses telt us.

They cannot. For then they maketh fuck all money.

Nawrte. Rupert quoth ten dogmas. He did. And he got merely 9.5 wrong. Would you like to hear them? I don't want to derail, but he's not worth a thread.

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:21:04 UTC | #937028