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Do say you want to hear the bit when he said the Sun was conscious. And that he wondered what it was thinking. He had spent some time on a lei-line with mythologists you see. But when he put it to Sir Martin he was summarily dismissed. Such is the dogma.

He said lots.

He said if you put a spring scale in a dog's lead, and show it a bone, you can measure it's desire - for which evolution has no explanation.

He said over-unity devices would go a long way to solving the energy crisis. Surely super-unity, and surely completely solve. But anyway, he said there should be prizes. Lest infinite wealth be insufficient motivation.

He said the NHS could save billions by not relying so much on mechanistic medicine. Now wouldn't that be NICE.

Now when the audience - it was pixies - fed back approval, he reached for the ubersky. And grasped it.

Libet had it back to front. Now that's fine in isolation, but rather fucks his telepathitexttastic move order. Telepathy is done via mobile phone, you understand. Hence the funding issue. He can't do roulette.

He had constants varying willy-nilly. C was most naughty. Now that's good news, in that Hiroshima didn't happen, but awkward for sat-navs.

He had g free as well. 'Within limits'. But not enough for Mars to mate with Venus for his Gaia. Not without anyone noticing.

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