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Hi Firstly, let me congratulate you on not choosing the easy path and advocating the cause of "psuedo-karma" in going to heaven; or some such fictional support.

It is a testimony to your rationality that you refuse to give your progeny easy answers. I have maintained that as proponents of the race (if such a thing exists), we should promote critical and rational thinking in our progeny in order to avoid the mistakes our and previous generations made.

Secondly, they found it easier to explain things using a good-bad duality and using a creation-destruction theory. Thirdly, once we appease a power higher than ourselves, our questions stop - since its a matter of faith - this was a convenience to many. And ultimately, it is the social pressure of being accepted that prevents us from promoting critical thinking related to the two premises above.

Once again, kudos on not bowing down to the easy answers.

However, I do have a note to make on your comment about Islam Vs Christianity. Islam may look fundamentalist now - Christianity looked pretty much the same way some time back, Look at the crusades. Look at all the bloodshed in the name of religion. I agree that Christianity has been able to modernize itself faster, but the roots are the same. Lack of education and up-bringing is preventing the Moslem world from getting the same exposure and a similar learning curve.

Would like to end with the same comment - kudos on not giving the easy answer!! And best of luck for the rest of the journey!!

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