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Fear is THE overarching, disempowering emotion! And I guess, there's no need to discuss the evolutionary reasons for fear being perhaps, this most important , overarching emotion.

Religion is based on fear, even if it is not explicit, but only subconscious fear! That is why, I think, there are so many religious aplogists. That's also why there are so many agnostics (50/50 type) and also a large number of people claiming that "the question of God's existence is not an interesting one; what is more important is that one is a good person."

Fear conditioning must involve parts of the brain - Amygdala, Hippocampus etc.... I don't really know exactly. But, such conditioning must be progressive, cumulative.

Similarly, conditioning the brain to shun fear can only be achieved gradually as the mind becomes progressively more confident. That is why, only repeated exposure to atheists, their arguments and their healthy and successful lives can convert middle of the road, fence sitting religionists into staunch atheists! Neuro-science will also tell why exactly it is so difficult to convert the dyed-in-the-wool religionists!

Fear, I suppose, is the emotion that negatively affects quality of life more than any other emotion. That is why telling a child that she'll go to hell is child-abuse!

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