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@Comment 5 by godzillatemple :

I remember asking the same question to my father when I was a child. I actually asked several people but my father gave me the best answer even though I did not like it.

He told me just what you said that life is like that. All beings are born, live reproduce, then die. I asked why? He said every thing has a lifespan. Like a pair of shoes, you buy them new you use them after they wear out they are discarded. Lifespan is something we can't control but we can help ourselves live longer by living healthy lives.

I understood the concept as a fact, but the emotional attachment to the living, like my father was what was difficult to accept that he would someday die during my lifetime.

Even though as children we understand the concept of death, it something we don't want to accept it to be true. Telling a child they will go to heaven is not comforting either. Children are not stupid. I was told that and I did not believe it.

Even as adults the concept of death and dying is a difficult one to accept. Acceptance is all there is to be done because it is a fact it will happen.

It is best to talk about what does the child think death is like. The moment of death you don't realize what is happening. In most cases. Maybe visiting a children's hospital with cancer patients or elderly home.

It is important that the most important thing you can do is tell the child that there is an entire life ahead and to make the best of it. It is ok to tell them you only get one chance. That is all we know for a fact.

It doesn't get rid of the anxiety of death and dying but knowing you are being told the truth is comforting in itself.

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