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@Comment 13 by Ted Foureagles

Dear Ex and I ran a hospice in our home, and so I have been with several people as they died. Largely, but not exclusively, those who were most devout were most terrified of death if they were conscious when it came. They often did, however, seem to take comfort prior to death in the notion that something better awaited.

I struggled with this issue. I will not know until I am at death door what will comfort me. I realize people who have lived a very devoted life to god are convinced this is the case. In which case they should not be afraid right? Or possibly they falter in faith and need reinforcement? There are other credences which also promise a "better place" .

Grief over the dead and dying is where I might find reason to need religious or any kind of comfort. It is where I found myself desperate to believe in something that would take my grief away.

I even hoped that there was reincarnation and that my father would be born elsewhere to a good family and have a better life than he had. I wished I could communicate with the dead. I can say I was insane with grief. I must be impervious to religion and gods and all that . Everyone and their religion tried to give comfort. But I found myself comforting them.

I can't understand this kind of comfort . How can a bunch of lies give comfort? it must be related to the level of education or specific knowledge of the person. Maybe I already know it's a magic trick and can't be hypnotized or comforted by fiction.

I still think the truth is the best comfort.

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