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← Admitting you're an atheist while travelling in the Middle East

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It would depend where in the middle east.Many Israeli are atheist. Turkey is a safe place too. Also Egypt.

I once met a Muslim from Dubai while in Holland, It was obvious he was Muslim because he was talking in arabic at a cafe I was sitting at. He started a conversation with me and he forwardly asked what was my religion.

I said I am an atheist. He took a back. Like he did not hear me the first time. So I said I do not believe in god. He smiled at me as if waiting for the punchline of a silent joke.

I asked him what his religion was and he proudly said he was Muslim. I thought to myself, good for you!

Coincidentally we were staying in the same Hotel. So he invited me for a coffee there. He was very curious about me a single woman traveling alone. He showed me pictures of his wife and children. Of course the wife and daughters were covered so you can't see the face!!

He explained that I must understand that allah is everything. That even if I say I don't believe in allah that is allah will that I do not believe.

Sounded much like christians. god loves you even if you don't believe.

I think people should not ask what they don't want to hear.

I would rather say I was satanist than christian . Ugh !!

It is bad enough being a woman in the wild middle east no need to inflame things by admitting anything.Specially being an American !! I always said I was Mexican

SUCRAN, Salam . ham du lila!!

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