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@Comment 16 by Ted Foureagles

I eventually understood that if ever there was a time when truth didn't matter to someone it was while they were dying, since nothing mattered after that anyway.

I wish I had that resolve when my father was dying. He was jewish so he never asked for jesus or acted afraid of dying. He was suffering with pain and that is what kept his mind busy, he wanted to die. But we seem to have more mercy for suffering animals. It wasn't so much telling him that god was waiting he would not have believed me. But that problems we were going through . I wanted to tell him it was all over and everything was fine. So he could die in peace thinking I was going to be ok.

A friend told me it would not be a good idea because if there is something after death he will know I lied. Seemed to make sense at the time, I was not thinking straight. I never told him. Or comforted him. My petty attempt was to tell him to let go and stop fighting , thanked him for everything and fibbed that he would be with grandma and grandpa and my baby brother. It was weak I could tell he did not believe me and he knew I was full of shit. Then instead of me comforting him he is the one who comforted me.

I think it varies with every person and the relationship you form with people who are dying.

Thanks for helping me see things another way.

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