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Fear is what drove me away from religion. This idea in religion that we are inherintly sinful, that god and a christian life are the cure, and the fact that I had no interest in any of it, caused me great fear. I thought me and my entire family, whom all believed but had long stopped practicing the religious teachings (seventh day adventism), were all going to be tossed into the lake of fire.

Since I figured I was going to hell anyway, I figured I might as well start questioning it's validity, it's morality, the contradictions, the fact that I've never been shown anything that demonstrates in a reliable way that it' true, and that faith in the bible as the word of God is used as it's only justification when even that didn't have any justifiable evidence indicating it as a valid source of information. No, it was a book written by people, like any other, but like any other holy book, was claimed to be prophetic and absolutely true. Since I already knew faith was a bad reason to believe things (cults and all that), I jettisoned it and took on a fuzzy "I don't know" attitude, yet the fear was still there.

Science is what finally freed my mind. I had been trained to ignore certain things like evolution and cosmology, but I realized there was an inherent hypocrisy there for obvious reasons and decided to give it a try. I found since the evidence for a naturally evolving universe was overwhelming (and absolutely amazing and exciting by the way), God wasn't needed and seemed superfluous. I now think God almost certainly doesn't exist.

I think this may have caused a lot of psychological damage though that's still with me. Even though I know the stuff was rubbish, I'm incredibly anti-social, and I think that since I had a fundamentalist upbringing in a small christian school as a CHILD, I was in some sense programmed to constantly feel inadequate both at school (where I was also teased about my lack of intellect and especially sheltered nature by my small class) and at home. I am actually baffled in some sense that people can find comfort in religion. I think it's incredibly demeaning and then throws hell in your f'ing face whereas the people around me still believe that God gives humanity dignity and hope. I just don't get it, especially for people I know who aren't doing the things they believe they should be doing in order to get right with God. Nothing I say seems to break through. Most aren't interested in science, and those that are, dismiss the stuff that contradicts their beliefs out of hand. Because the contradictory evidence to their beliefs is so strong, this baffles me. But then, my dad for example hopes to see his mom again in heaven, so there's that. But still, he's not living the christian life style, so I'm still confused. I could really go on forever, but I really resent being taught that I was sinful, needed god, and that I was constantly instilled with fear because my parents were so sure of their god, and now I have trouble functioning as a normal human being.

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