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It sounds like you were in a mental prison and got out. You will function like a normal human being once you break free completely by shedding the shame and self hatred religion's ultimate goal, to need them so you can function after they messed up your head.

Based on what many people hope is to see their loved ones once again. It is the most powerful desire. It is not going to happen because so far none have come back to tell the story. But out of all the lies one would be willing to tell those dying, that they will see their parents and loved ones when they die, is not a bad option if they strongly believe that will be the case.

Where will they see them? we don't know, that is when it gets sticky. Then you have to say heaven, or some similar place, paradise. Where all the souls go, one can spin it anyway needed I suppose. But one lie needs another. Best wait for the last moment to have to lie.

Nothing I say seems to break through. Most aren't interested in science, and those that are, dismiss the stuff that contradicts their beliefs out of hand.

yes most of us feel that way about some theists , no matter how much evidence is presented, their last move is simply to ignore it .

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