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← Religion as "comfort" to people in distress: fact or myth?

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So I have a friend who is atheist. She is going through a significant amount of loss. Our differing views have never been an issue. We mostly joke back and forth however, lately, I find myself struggling for how to support her. I mostly stay quiet and listen....still I wish I knew what to say. What "should" I say? How can I offer support without being as offensive as you mention in this discussion?

First of all, she knows she has a sympathetic friend in you. That is significant.

I'll reveal a little concept that works for me: the Eternal Inner Child. I've sustained myself in troubled times by recalling the unfettered, clean, strong and positive[ly naive] outlook that prevailed in my larval days. I feel this resonates a bit deeper than the 'while there's life there's hope' type cliche... even if it is of the same general nature.

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