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Will should go and work for that strange French organisation. France. There you go Will, we call that wit. It's not the same as drone.

Carto your blog would be awful. Now we don't know what I mean by awful until I contratext it. Let's leave you guessing. Anyway you should be off the internet, and out * deleted *, you good lookin' doll, you.

Now what would Mr.Self have us do with awful? We can't be having more than one word per word. There can't be room.

There's an almost-interesting llel with the quest for objective morality, and the wish to write other people.

But let's not read Self. * smack head * He can't even do punctuation.

I know, let's write Shakes in txt. That'll annoy him. 2B?! That was my Mel Gibson. The youngsters are being naughty. Again! They won't be able to spell. All concepts will be lost. lol. etc.

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 08:42:52 UTC | #937154