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Another interesting fact I noted in Yemen and Saudi. Whilst they will put up with you being a Christian (although not a Jew in Saudi, although they are a little more relaxed with Yahoodis in Yemen), what they simply cannot understand is you not having any belief in a God, or even worse being of the opinion that, on the balance of probability and evidence, God does not exist. That certainly causes a glitch in the matrix. Also, sooner or later they would extol the benefits of Islam and try to persuade me to take a second wife. I would explain that I already have one and that was enough. This would always end up with the conclusion that I had a ‘bit on the side’. Muslim men they would say, have more morals as they do not need to do this, as they can simply take another wife.

I always came home with a Quran that someone had pressed into my hand to ‘help me understand the error of my ways’. Still, I have quit a collection now as well as a big collection of Jambias (knives) and an expert taste in qat. Not a good place for Europeans at the moment. Islam is going through it's Inquisition period at the moment. Let us hope that technology helps it move quicker than the Catholic model.

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