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Comment 11 by Anvil :

I see this all the time from my office window - how lucky am I!.

Watching the interactions of birds, both resident and migratory is taking up more and more of my working day. One only hopes I win the lottery soon as something has to pay for me turning into a twitcher.

Yeah, I know how you feel. Only yesterday I spent a good fifteen minutes watching two magpies ganging up against a crow they were trying to chase away from their tree. Then a second crow landed on the tree and although it didn´t show any signs of joining in, the magpies immediately ceased to attack and fled after the first crow made a minor move in their direction. A trivial observation, but still full of drama and interest when it´s right in front of you.

The most scenic air-battle I witnessed up to now was a group of crows ganging up on an eagle who was circling over the Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto at dusk.

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