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Jon, Yes they have. There for two thousand years, now gone. The inquisition is alive and thriving in the Middle East. As for qat, I could write a treatise of the harm it does both to the body and to the society. But it is incredibly addictive. Strangely, genetically (I presume), it affects differing races in strange ways. Yemenis start early in the chew by speaking louder and louder then peaking and slowly coming down. They use it as social glue. Somalis chew qat and want to start a fight. Much the way that alcohol affects different people, qat does the same. I would love to find out why, is the genetic makeup of the two races different or maybe it is just a meme? But, if you are chewing qat, you are sedated. No question of challenging the status quo. In the US they have Fox News.

As for the mosque! I once took a taxi and mentioned to the driver I would like to see it. He explained to me that he was once the chief accountant to the government but had spotted anomalies in the accounts for oil gains. He was sacked the day after. All the oil companies are in cahoots with whoever is in power (surprised?). Driving to the mosque his remark was, ‘what a bloody waste of concrete. Why don’t we build factories instead? How many jobs will that create? No wonder he was sacked.

BTW, Bab Al Yemen should be a world heritage site. Awesome. The first time I went, they still had the hands of thieves nailed to the gate.

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