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Again, if Catholics don’t even believe anyone actually goes to hell anymore, then, forgive me, but what the hell is the point of the Catholic Church!

Hahahaah! I kind of feel sorry for this guy - he's twisting and squirming on the end of his rope. He's watching all the risible dogma tumble down around him and asking what's left? He's basically saying "If a Catholic can't have his dogma, he might as well be an atheist!"

Slow clap. While Cardinal Pell clearly doesn't think there's any big problem accepting evolution and still believing in myths, this guy is basically a page out of the God Delusion: evolution really does go hand in hand with atheism, if the foundation of your religion is a bunch of factually incorrect propositions.

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 13:44:34 UTC | #937717