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← Rare Protozoan from Sludge in Norwegian Lake Does Not Fit On Main Branches of Tree of Life

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eucaryotic ??

Spelling aside, protist is now used and protozoan dates the one using it.

"We have found an unknown branch of the tree of life that lives in this lake

Unknown by whom? ( or is that who ) Oh, the protozoan!!! Somewhere between excavates and amoeba, being primitive in the taxonomic/evolutionary sense.

So why does it not fit on the main branches of life? Has flagella, organelles, membrane bound nucleus ( or more than one ) and is a protist. The genetic mismatch with other protists could be that we do not have enough protista genetic material in the data bases to make the match.

All in all, hyperbole, though interesting hyperbole.

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 13:58:43 UTC | #937725